A Fowl In The Hand Walkthrough & Information

A Fowl In The Hand is a relationship-type quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Your goal is to search for the Golden Snidget with Poppy.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of A Fowl In The Hand in Hogwarts Legacy.

The urged stage is 27 and you will want Glacius.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand Walkthrough & Guide

To start the hunt, go to Brocburrow simply east or southeast of Hogwarts as proven within the map under.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand


Meet Poppy

Whenever you arrive, meet Poppy there.


Discuss to Dorran

Undergo the arch and also you’ll see Dorran inside. Discuss to him.


Work out enter the ruins

You’ll then want to resolve a puzzle to enter the ruins.

To start, place the Students’ Moonstone first.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand Walkthrough

You’ll then see two symbols lit up on the door. You want to gentle up two of the identical symbols on the ground.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand guide

All you must do is to make use of Accio and pull the 2 pillars so that every pillar lights up one image.

The pillar needs to be on the other aspect of the image as the sunshine from the pillar goes there.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand puzzle guide

After lighting up the 2 symbols, the door opens.


Seek for the Snidgets

Enter The Gilded Perch.

Inside, chances are you’ll come throughout a chest on the ground above. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the crate and place it close to the ledge. Then, use Levioso on the crate for it to drift. Climb on the crate to get to the higher ground.

After you’re finished looting, proceed forward below the tree bark.

It’s best to then see a darkish path on the aspect which is non-compulsory because it’s for looting stuff.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand wiki

Return to the primary path the place you see two symbols on the bottom.

For those who climb up on the ground above, it’s best to see the fireplace dice hidden close to an enormous tree. Drag it away and place the fireplace dice on the image on the bottom.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Bird In The Hand tips

Then, use the crate to will let you climb and get the ice dice.

Convey the ice dice onto the ice image.

Use a fireplace spell on the fireplace image and Glacius on the ice image.

The door opens. Enter inside.


Defeat the Poachers

Some Poachers will seem. Take them out.

The centaurs will then arrive to assist. Extra Poachers will spawn right here. Defeat all of them.


Unlock the door

Head to the primary door to unlock it because it results in the Snidget Sanctuary.

You’ll then discover the Golden Snidgets. The search ends after.


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